Writing a charter school proposals

For example, at their own will, they might expand work hours or require teachers to become National Board certified. This is the case in some of the sample proposals included below.

Some areas of autonomy will be secured, enhanced, or otherwise codified through approval of your proposal. Site Visits Review sample school proposals and write your own In this step, your team will research what is required in a proposal to a state, district, or charter authorizer for a new or converted teacher-powered school.

These are usually provided by charter authorizers, but can be helpful to your team whether you are starting a charter or not. Author tip Revisit the Forming stage steps learning about teacher-powered schools and finding inspiration and motivation for the work to gather supporting research to include with your proposal.

First, comb through the plans your team made throughout the Storming stage, and—as a team—carefully consider what areas of autonomy you will need to achieve your mission, vision, values, and goals.

In other cases, the proposal may make clear how the team will operate with autonomy but the autonomy itself will be formalized in a separate agreement or set of agreements.

There are many details provided in these lists that this guide does not cover, and you should be sure you are covering every angle. The MOU grants five areas of autonomy, including: This is an opportunity for teachers to decide to exempt themselves from some aspects of the collective bargaining agreement.

See learn about securing collective teacher autonomy. This section aims to help you in your process by featuring a number of sample documents to help you consider what language and ideas to include in your proposal. For example, after a pilot school proposal is approved in Boston or Los Angeles, a pilot school agreement in the form of an MOU memorandums of understanding is arranged between the school district and the union.

It might also be helpful at this time to find a school start-up check list for your state. There are two steps for ensuring you are securing all the autonomy you need. Teams that have written proposals in the past report that they used information they gleaned from various sample proposals to develop their own.Educational consultant Robert Watson addresses the crowd at a public hearing on a City of Poughkeepsie charter school proposal on Aug.

1, Seated behind him are Felicia Watson, president of the public Poughkeepsie City School District and Watson's sister, and interim Poughkeepsie Superintendent Kathleen Farrell.

Charter School Request for Proposals For Charter Schools Opening Fall and Beyond Released April 7, [email protected] Learn Charter School Network Waukegan Proposal, EXECUTIVE SUMMARY LEARN Charter School Network, an Illinois (c)(3) nonprofit organization, is a.

Review sample school proposals and write your own

Sequoia Montessori School!Charter Proposal to the Salem-Keizer School District Introduction and Acknowledgements Below is a proposal to start a charter lower elementary Montessori school in the Salem/Keizer. Request for Proposal. This Request for Proposal (RFP) is for the purpose of obtaining competitive proposals to provide school uniform services for Charter Schools USA (CSUSA) managed schools (see attachment.

not include budget information or attachments that were submitted with the proposal. The name of the school and school district have been changed to protect privacy, but the content is identical to the material that was submitted.

Grade Level Writing Math Reading Jefferson 2nd Grade 33 60 36 District Average: 2nd Grade 58 84 62 Jefferson.

Writing a charter school proposals
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