Why women are paid less than

Percent Growth in Pay: That argument does not explain why most women in male dominated professions still earn less than a man for doing the same work, according to the Simple Truth About the Gender Pay Gap.

To determine the percent growth in pay, we first found the median, annual pay for both male and female college graduates at the age of Common Jobs for Men and Women: It reinforces efforts already underway at some progressive companies whose leaders have pledged to eliminate pay gaps with salary analysis.

The divide in pay has narrowed sincebut women in the U. The women have fallen off that elite track. Female equity partners in the largest firms, who do comparable work to men, earn 89 percent of the compensation of their male peers. The same pattern persists for women with graduate-level business degrees.

More experienced women expected to get paid less. In consulting, workers are rewarded for putting in hour weeks with promotions and partnerships. They found that 51 percent of the difference in the compensation of women and men is related to the fact that female workers are more concentrated in underpaid sectors, like nursing or education, and in lower-level roles.

And in some cases, the gender pay gap is larger at higher levels of education. This includes furniture, fax machines, copiers, computers, or your telephone and associated bill.

Equal Pay Day: When, where and why women earn less than men

But many, many jobs do not. One lesson from that analysis: To determine common jobs for men and women, we consulted the Bureau of Labor Statistics BLS to find the largest job families in the country as measured by total employment.

Often times, women do not know they are paid less than their male counterparts. The cultural requirements are so onerous, that one study found that male consultants simply pretended to work long hours. Lengthen the school day. Census data also show that women are paid less than men within the industries that most Americans work, including healthcare, education and manufacturing, and within specific jobs, like sales, management, production and administrative functions.

They are deemed too aggressive or too meek and unfairly penalized in performance reviews. Indeed, research has shown that many women with the same credentials who work in the same exact jobs as men earn less.

Why Women Are Paid Less Money Than Men in 2014

Those expectations mattered; women who asked for bigger salaries than men ended up getting them. What we created was an apples-to-apples comparison of what men and women make, all other factors held equal, according to actual market data.

Hourly pay is not constant: The authors say that one hard-to-quantify factor at play could be discrimination.

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To compare male and female pay on a level playing field, we found the median pay for all men in a given job, as well as breakdowns of important compensable factors such as years of experience, location, education level, etc.Nearly all women in almost every line of work are paid less than a man including women who have attended universities and colleges, attained advanced degrees and acquired excellent job experience.

Jun 21,  · Statistics show that women get paid less than men for equal work. So why is it still so hard for them to prove it? Apr 12,  · April 12 is Equal Pay Day, and it's the day that, if you're a woman, your earnings have finally caught up with what men were paid the previous year.

Institute for Women's Policy Research. Informing policy. Inspiring change. Improving lives. Search Donate. Menu. jobs predominantly done by women pay less on average than jobs predominantly done by men.

New @Microsoft announcement extends paid leave policies beyond Washington state https. Are women paid less because they choose lower-paying jobs? Is it because more women work part time than men do? Or is it because women have more caregiving responsibilities?

And what, exactly, does gender bias have to do with paychecks? AAUW’s The Simple Truth about the Gender Pay Gap succinctly addresses these. Women just entering the job market, with under two years of experience, expected to get paid a little bit more than men, the Hired study found.

More experienced women expected to .

Why women are paid less than
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