What makes you smile essay

Take a run around your block.

What makes you smile

Get rib sauce all over your face and just go with it. Having come a long way from self harm and suicidal behaviors, I am thankful for the little things I see every day that make me smile. Write a hand-written letter to someone you love, using different colored pens.

We all have something we can whine about. Go out and invest in a hula hoop. I can just imagine someday soon, roaming around the world with a collection of my closet friends.

Tell someone how much they mean to you. You wake up to the sounds of birds chirping, with the warm glow of the morning sun cradling your face. Visit a positive news site. Hum your favorite song. Really—grab your markers, or your bike, or your flashlight, or your video camera, and have a childlike adventure.

People say that a smile is contagious, and someone smiling at me does in fact make me smile, so I tend to look for my friends and earn a smile in the hall.

There is no guarantee that I will ever stop.

Ask a child in your life to do your hair. Or what about all the other things, like daydreaming It is only this year that I am attempting to break this habit.

Songs that do not need dance moves or backup singers, but can bring the listener to tears or create the goofiest grin.

When you like how you look, you generally feel good. A smile is a universal sign of kindness. As in, find two people sitting across the street and make up a ridiculous conversation in your head that they could be having.

And also, studies have shown that smelling releases endorphins, and natural pain killers. I believe in the things that make me smile because without them I would still be in the dark place that used to consume me.

You hit snags, and bumps, and roadblocks at every turn. People-watch with a dialogue-writing slant. Whenever I m having a conversation with other people, I try to smile, smirk, laugh a little on every phrase, sentence, greeting, or even when saying goodbye.

I love the first outing of my winter boots and my favourite tv shows returning. The idea of being able to get on a plane and go anywhere in the world fills me with as much glee as a child on Christmas morning.

Perhaps he has the server deliver the ring box on a plate to his girl. This way, if we smile we would save lives in the simplest manner.

I asked readers to submit footage of the things that make them smile, and the end result definitely put a smile on my face: It can change any situation. Late night phone calls. Some seem more common and the more subtle differences are lost in different traditions and cultures, but the most universal facial expression with same meaning across all culture is indicated by an upward curving of the corners of the mouth or simply, a smile.

It can make a day brighter. I face these obstacles with a smile knowing hat there are good things that await me through this difficulty.

Make some type of arts and crafts project, just like you would have as a kid, with plans to give it to someone else. A crisp, fall day Another writer asking me to edit their work When real justice prevails How about those Navy Seals Seeing the baby prairie dogs ground squirrels or baby rabbits outside this time of year.

Therefore, I try to make the people that I love and care about smile because of me at least once a day.

I believe in the things that make me smile.

I have a few ideas…. Two part happiness—forgetting about your own problems, and showing someone that neighborly kindness is not a thing of the past. Walk by your neighborhood park and soak in the innocence, excitement, and wonder. Invite a friend and bring wine and a picnic basket.What Makes Me Smile A smile is a delineation of happiness.

Many quotes about smile are said by social activists such as “Wear a smile, one size fits all”, “Everyone smiles in the same language”, “Smile increases your face value” and so on.

These quotes innovate people to keep smiling in melancholy. Smiles and doves are intimation of peace. The babies’ laughter also makes me smile, especially when they laugh out loud and I suddenly feel a disturbing reaction hearing a kid laugh like there Is something uncommon resembling a voice and sometimes It comes with dark aura.

Compliments are the number one thing that can make me smile. The smile is a universal sign of happiness. I believe it is the ultimate connection between all humankind.

No matter how big or small, if a smile is genuine it creates an ineffable feeling in the atmosphere. I believe in the power of a smile to make the saddest of circumstances a little better. I believe in the things that make me smile. Whether it is my wonderful boyfriend, a hug from my best friends, or a beautiful picture, I believe that what makes me smile will save me.

When one part of my life can make me smile, the other parts get easier to handle. Emotionally charged moments are clearly very common in all of the things that make me happy. There are a few of them that give my vocal chords a break.

Like long hugs from someone who isn't afraid to squeeze you as if they are never letting go. What Makes Me Happy essays For me there are many things that can make me happy in the world, but the two things t hat make me most happy is sports and summer vacation.

I like sports by playing them on a team and with my friends, or watching on TV.

What makes you smile essay
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