The battle of stirling bridge

As the son of a minor laird, he would have been trained in arms, and as a commander it is unlikely he would have wielded the weapon of the common footsoldier.

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The weather was very rainy. The two commanders now waited, according to the Chronicle of Hemingburghuntil "as many of the enemy had come over as they believed they could overcome. Inevitably the build-up on the eastern shore was slow. This position, though better than Norwoods, still had defects due to the roads that gave the Confederates easy ability to move around the federal position.

They retired to the Fordoche and camped there for the night. Rose, a section of the 1st Mo. To supplement the cavalry, a company of mounted infantry was created by drawing men from every regiment in the division and was led by Lt.

The Real Location of Stirling Bridge

The Bridge The bridgehead was almost immediately cut off from retreat back across the river by the speed of this shock attack, and, with the boggy ground unsuitable for the cavalry and the main body of the army on the other side of the narrow bridge, the English could not bring their superior numbers or weaponry to bear.

Indeed Lundie would change sides again before the end of this campaign and become a leading light in the Scottish cause. Contemporary English chronicler Walter of Guisborough recorded the English losses in the battle as cavalry and 5, infantry killed.

The other end he so arranged that it should lie on three wooden rollers, which were so placed, that when one was out the rest would fall down.

The Battle of Stirling Bridge, 1297

The battle in fiction[ edit ] The exploits of Wallace were passed on to posterity mainly in the form of tales collected and recounted by the poet Blind Harrythe Minstrel d. Evans Brothers Ltd, London.

The Battle of Stirling Bridge – a summary

The Battlefields of Britain. Insomeone discovered the base of the original bridge, roughly 65 to 75 yards upstream of the stone bridge.

Sides are drawn Much has been written about the battle, and a great deal remains shrouded in mystery. The present-day Stirling Bridge Surrey, who still had a pitiful contingent of archers, had remained to the south of the river and was still in a strong position. Some estimates put the English force at 50, strong but this is unlikely given that the same source believes their casualties to have been around 5, The two sides met at Stirling Bridge.

Battle of Stirling Bridge

What the Scots did have was a faith in what they were doing, that they had right on their side. To prevent anarchy, Edward I of England was asked to arbitrate on the Scottish succession.

Battle of Stirling's Plantation

When a substantial number of the troops had crossed possibly about 2, [6] the attack was ordered.Mar 05,  · My favourite EPIC scene of Braveheart - English heavy cavalry against scottish infantry - Watch in high quality.

Unlike the depiction in Braveheart (), the Battle of Stirling Bridge was fought near a wooden bridge, and not in an open field. Before the English could finish crossing, the Scots attacked.

In the frenzy to retreat back over the bridge, the whole thing collapse in the River Forth. Many of the English drowned while those trapped. Battle of Stirling Bridge: A summary of the Battle of Stirling Bridge on September 11, The Battle of Stirling Bridge, 11 Septemberproved to be a short-lived victory for William Wallace and the Scots against the might of the English and their king, Edward I.

The Battle of Stirling Bridge was part of the First War of Scottish Independence. William Wallace's forces were victorious at Stirling Bridge on September 11, Inwith Scotland embroiled in a succession crisis following the death King Alexander III, the Scottish nobility approached King.

The first major defeat of the English in the Wars of Scottish Independence, the Battle of Stirling Bridge afforded Sir William Wallace the opportunity to prove his military credentials and obtain significant political power.

His victory here led to almost all of Scotland briefly coming under his control.

The battle of stirling bridge
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