Stone cold by robert swindells

His sister, Carole, was the only person who knew the plan, and she gave him money and saw him off at the station. He hears them laugh as they walk away, and he thinks they were making fun of him. He views homeless people and junkies as waste and so he thinks that it does not bother anyone if it eliminates the waste.

What Is Shelter Like in

I really enjoyed reading it. Plot[ edit ] The story takes place from the perspective of Link and Shelter. One day, Shelter meets Link and Ginger, and he declines to give them money when they beg from him. He solves his biggest problem - the disposing of the bodies - by keeping them under the floorboards.

He was brave enough to face all the odds in life alone in London including the fear of death. After Shelter is arrested by the police, she tells Link of her true identity. If u would read this book you will start to make an extremely bad image of shelter in your mind.

He buys them shoes and cut their hairs. In the midst of a mid-life crisis, he is incredibly harsh. Link is friendly to people but likes to be anonymous as he appears to be running away from past. Furthermore, Shelter does not understand why he could not stay in the army and serve the country, when all this garbage are allowed to stay on the streets.

By contrast, he is on his own again. Life is hard, cold and unfriendly, until he meets Ginger. After a few bad days of being homeless he meets Ginger, a streetwise person who has been homeless for quite some time. He settles in London where a serial killer goes around and kills homeless persons.

“Stone Cold” by Robert Swindells

Gail had a supporting role in the book. After a few days Ginger disappears but soon enough he meets a girl called Gail who then Link falls in love with. Thinking he is no longer safe in Bradford, he goes to London.

I dislike this character because of his cruelty to towards homeless people. Bewildered by his discharge, and without occupation, he takes his frustrations out on the homeless who make the streets look "manky". This was proven later on in the story when he suffered much more on the streets of London.

However, one day, Ginger leaves Link for a while because he wants to have a geeze at something with his friends but does not return. I also clearly remember the occasion of betrayal, when Gail told Link that she was doing a report on homeless people and then went away leaving Link alone by himself.

He is really confident, or should I say over confident about no one catching him. Link meets a guy called Ginger who teaches him the tricks of sleeping rough.

If unfortunately one of the parents betrays his family then the other should sacrifice his or her life for the children.Robert Swindells novel ‘Stone Cold’ was published in There are two narrators what make the book more interesting than others.

You get to know two different points of view and two different opinions.

Stone Cold

This story is about a boy called Link who ran away from home. Stone Cold is a realistic young-adult novel by Robert Swindells, published by Heinemann in Set on the streets of London, the first-person narrative switches between Link, a newly-homeless sixteen-year-old adjusting to his situation, and Shelter.

In "Stone Cold," Shelter is the antagonist and is presented as an evil person in the book. He is a military veteran, and is angry at being discharged after years of service. The book "Stone Cold" was written by Robert Swindells and published in It tells the story of Link, the protagonist, and.

Robert E. Swindells (born 20 March ) is an English author of children's and young adult fiction. For the young-adult novel Stone Cold (Heinemann, ), which dealt with homelessness, he won the annual Carnegie Medal from the Library Association, recognizing.

Robert Swindells is a prestigious children's author. He has won a number of awards for his books, including twice the Children's Book Award as well as the Carnegie Medal for his novel Stone Cold, which has been adapted for television by the BBC.

Stone Cold by Robert Swindells.

Stone Cold by Robert Swindells

3 ©British Council Chapter 1 You can call me Link. It is not my name but it’s what I say when someone asks. I am a homeless boy and I live on the streets.

I feel like an invisible person because no one looks at me. Daily Routine Orders 1.

Stone cold by robert swindells
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