Sociology family diversity as edexcel

Refers to the period during which the family passed through different stages of the family life cycle. Fathers may be deemed unnecessary by some young women because they cannot provide financial support. Children may be pulled in two directions and have tense relationships with their step-parents.

Traditional working class areas see more extended families, whilst the affluent southeast sees a greater proportion of nuclear families. Marxists suggest that single parents, especially teenage mothers, have been scapegoated by regular moral panics about social problems which are caused by structural factors such as unemployment, poverty, racism and the decline of the inner-city.

Family Diversity

Refers to the period during which the family passed through different stages of the family life cycle Statistics and Evidence Since the s there has been a steady decline in the proportion of households in Britain consisting of married couples with dependent children.

Diversity also exists in patterns of kinship. The New Right claims that sexual permissiveness and promiscuity is on the increase and the cause of a moral decay in society. Chester argues that the ideology of familism, which stresses the nuclear family ideal, has led to the negative labelling of single-parent families by social agencies such as teachers, social workers, housing departments, the police and the courts.

Reconstituted families, and especially children within them, are likely to have close ties with the families of previous partners.

Single-parent families are likely to evolve into reconstituted families. The New Right argue that feminism has led to gender confusion about family roles and a corresponding rise in divorce and the number of single-parent families.

On what grounds does Chester criticise the Rapoports? Others may have negotiated a greater, perhaps even equal, input from men in the domestic sphere. Family diversity is a term coined by sociologists Rappaport and Rappaportwho think that the family is taking on many more forms other than the nuclear family, rendering the Functionalist definition of the family by Murdock outdated.

Critical sociologists point out that there is little material incentive to become a single parent. Eversley and Bonnerjea note geographical variations in family life, e.

Lewis notes that Labour: Most families rely on two incomes and most women work albeit often part-time. Identify two ways in which single-parent families might come about.

They argue that we should be celebrating family diversity — there now exists a greater choice and variety than ever before in terms of family lifestyles.AS Sociology Revision Session Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. FAMILY DIVERSITY refers to all different family types.

The Rapoports think that family diversity is central to family life today. They identify 5 different types of family diversity: 1.

Organisational diversity - families can be organised differently - e.g. joint conjugal roles or. with Sociology and to show students how things experienced in the everyday can be looked at sociologically.

It aims to get students to develop their sociological imagination and looks at key concepts whereas the family in an industrial society was nuclear in form and it had lost many of the functions it had previously carried out.


Family diversity

Sep 03,  · Family diversity AS Sociology of Families and Households "Family Diversity: Past, AQA A-Level Sociology family and households revision - Duration. This lesson is designed for AQA AS Sociology and for use with the orange AQA Sociology Book by Napier Press.

This lesson is complete with PowerPoint and accompanying resources. Family Diversity AO1 – How is • The number of traditional nuclear family households has fallen • Divorce rates have increased • There are fewer first time marriages, but more re-marriages.

People are marrying later in life • More couples are cohabiting.

Sociology family diversity as edexcel
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