Role of police in society

Monday, June 23, The role of the police force in society Discuss the role of the police force in society The police force plays a vital role in the maintenance of law and order in society. To fight against international terrorism, it is necessary to have bilateral contracts, agreements and investigations of the police.

Other artistic pieces will be in evidence regarding the roles as healers that women have. The police force has enabled the law courts, which have existed since ancient times, in certain countries even before the introduction of the police force, to function more efficiently.

Individuals grouped themselves together and terrorized whole villages and towns, and there were wars between rival groups.

Notes on the Role of Police in Society

This type of comfortable buffer from any constitutional restraints is exactly why there is so much corruption in police departments. Taking the initial report of the offense - gathering of evidence - investigation of the offense - identification of the possible suspect s - apprehension of the perpetrator s - presentation of the defendant and evidence to the prosecutor.

I would assume that this idea was discussed by a group made up to do better for the community, this is just one small but effective solution. It refers to the role of the police in the enforcement of criminal law; like maintenance of law and order, protecting and safeguarding the lives and properties of citizens.

In many countries, trained paramilitary police forces have been set up specifically to carry out politically sensitive operations. What is the role of sociology in the society? Police have the power to decide. What was the role of police on this night? Who Guards the Guards, who watches the watchers is a different question.

The chief of police will do what the Mayor tells him to do. The role of the police at night is to provide law and order. Some police officers may also be trained in special duties such as counter-terrorism, surveillance, child protection, royalty or diplomatic protection, and investigating major crimes such as fraud, rape, murder or drug trafficking.

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Examples of proactive outreach include helping to organize a neighborhood watch, giving presentations to schools and speaking to residents about their concerns at a neighborhood association meeting.

What is the role of police in investigating a crime? Each call requires completion of forms and reports. In complex and divided societies the police force is used to control strikes, demonstrations dharanas and civil unrest; they arise from national rivalry, ethnic violence, deep social division.

The job can be stressful because officers must always be on high alert and ready for anything. Although the national crime rate has trended downward, the public recognizes the role police officers play in preventing and fighting crime.

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Theyare supposed to provide security to the people who are sleeping. While patrolling and apprehending criminals will still be an important part of the job as a police officer, considerable time will also be devoted to public outreach and proactive problem-solving.

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Why Are the Police Important in a Democratic Society?

Building trust with diverse communities and working collaboratively to address social issues, such as gang violence, is an especially important function of the police.

Thus the community policing tries to prevent crime by making the entire community part of the law enforcement process. Interpol has been the main institution for coordinating Cross-European criminal investigations. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a large number of police officers have a college degree in law enforcement or criminal justice, especially if they work for the federal government.

This is the most familiar police work and general public thinks, the police force exists to fight crime. The role of police intelligence and security agencies is deeply political.

Do police belong in a democratic society? However, with industrialisation and modernisation, maintenance of civil order differ from country to country and different styles of civil policing have been adopted.

Community policing and Reactive policing.The Role of Police in Society In today's society the police, play may roles. They are the peacekeepers, law enforcement and many other jobs.

Role of a Police Officer

However, recently they have become the subject of a very heated and large debate. Many believe that the police should give up their brute type tactics for a more civilized and humanized approach.

The role of the media, crime within the community, national accusations of police misconduct, the history of policing in the community and the actions taken by the police department to promote a positive image are all factors that can positively or adversely affect how the community perceives police officers (Baker & Hyde, ; Wooden &.

the role of the police in society is if a police officer has reason to believe that somebody has broken the law in anyway or has put anybody in. It is widely regarded that the police in any given society have a difficult job to fulfill. Dealing with criminals and placing themselves in harms way on a day to day basis is indeed, an admirable calling.

Although seen as difficult, there is an underlying sentiment in the general public that the /5(22). The police are important in a democratic society because they provide for the rule of law, which enhances civic trust and helps maintain social order.

Equality under the law is a basic principle of a democratic society. Democracies require high levels of civic trust because democratic governments.

Police officers wear many hats when fulfilling their role in society. In particular, police are involved in community building and crime prevention. The community-oriented policing model has helped dispel the myth that cops spend most of their day cruising in a squad car, writing speeding tickets.

Role of police in society
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