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He Reaction paper for ramayana Rama to fight for his rights; he wanted to proceed and fight with his father and imprison Kaikeyi.

One of the major themes in the central narrative of the Ramayana is the relationship between destiny and volition, with the consequent consideration of personal responsibility or the lack of it. He is also a good leader. Guided in our inevitable decisions in life that could only cause our lives to be miserable someday.

He would never like to be separated from his son. Footnote to youth story explains the life a youth who get married earlier without planning what will happen ahead. I belive teamwork makes the dream works. In a fit of rage without any control of her words, she accused Lakshmana of nurturing an evil idea of having an illicit relationship with her in the absence of Rama.

An epic battle ensued, but eventually Sita was rescued and the demon vanquished. To my fellow youth, do not let things pass so fast. Ravanna captured Sita and took her to Lanka with him, and when Rama found out he was determined to get her back.

What is your reaction about the story Footnote to Youth? But true to his greatness, Rama, with utter detachment and without even a trace of disappointment reflecting on his face, conceded to both the demands.

It also talks about love and faithfulness to the person you love.

The Ramayana Critical Essays

I hope that the people of today will be like Rama, strong, persistent, goal orientedfaithful and humble. It is not necessary that a higher authority has to motivate the people below him. In the Ramayana characters must make choices that seem to go against both common sense and fairness.

Together they led the Hebrew slaves out of captivity in Egypt.

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Despite reservations from Sugriva and others, Rama accepted Vibhishana into his fold. How do you view Kooni, who is portrayed as evil, yet whose action set Rama on the path to fulfilling his purpose?

Lakshmana, shell shocked by hearing such an abominable accusation, had to leave immediately, leaving her alone. Whatever the original may have been, the Ramayana has been altered many times by subsequent rewriting and critical revision. Yes that is the way fathers tend to react about their children.

Whereas the Mahabharata is a heroic or folk epic deriving from an oral tradition, the Ramayana is more nearly a literary epic, written in conscious imitation of the heroic tradition. Book 7 appears to be a species of appendix; it provides both epilogue to and critique of the preceding six books.

The Analysis of footnote to Youth The short story "footnote to youth" is about how Jose Villa wanted to guide the youth in dealing with early marriage. Ravanna had one of his friends turn themself into a golden deer and show itself to Sita, who asked her husband to capture it for her.

Do they share the same qualities found in the Ramayana, or do you think ideas about admirable conduct are different in your culture? One day there was a contest in a nearby kingdom for the hand of the princess Sita.

14 Life Lessons from Ramayana Essay Sample

Lanka was an island but the army of monkeys formed a bridge to it with their bodies. Anyway, he made the story for us, youth, to be guided. How are the moral lessons of the stories similar or different?Ramayana is well-known and beloved in India.

It teaches lessons of dharma which include proper morality and doing one's duty. Rama and Sita are held up as moral exemplars who completely fulfill ideal roles (husband, wife, ruler, warrior, etc.).

The Ramayana, like most Western epics and unlike the Mahabharata, has unity, which stems from its concentration on one main story. One of the major themes in the central narrative of the Ramayana is.

ramayana reaction papaer KEYWORD essays and term papers available at, the largest free essay community. 14 Life Lessons from Ramayana Essay Sample (1) Relationship between Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha Human life is consumed in chasing materialism (Artha) and sense pleasures (Kama).

For this assignment you will write a 2 page paper (double spaced, 12 point font, 1 inch margins- about words) in response to the reading of the story of Rama. I would like you to discuss the values expressed in the events of the tale.

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