Re gcse exam questions

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Think you are better with numbers than words? Give reasons for your recommendation. Candidates are asked to explain their answer with reference to both reasons, and expected to answer the question in about 15 minutes. We cannot replicate GCSE exam conditions, but we have picked 12 essay questions from a range of arts and humanities subjects, and your task is simple: They are expected to spend about 25 minutes answering it.

Catholic Christianity ] Question 3: Candidates are told to refer to Catholic teaching, Re gcse exam questions reasoned arguments to support this statement, give reasoned arguments to support a different point of view, and reach a justified conclusion.

One student, writing on the Change. She is considering either a small increase in financial rewards or giving the workers more responsibility. Why not try our GCSE maths questions quiz instead?

But it said it would ensure students were "treated fairly" when the papers are marked. It is understood that Edexcel has only received one formal complaint about the paper so far, and this came from a teacher.

Some pupils complained the sweets question appeared to be of a higher standard than those in past papers they had used to revise. But others also highlighted questions where they were asked about the cheapest plants at a garden centre, and the volume of two pieces of cheese, as being particularly difficult.

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Even if Ofqual were contacted, it would expect Edexcel to investigate and deal with any issues in the first instance. Image copyright Other Image copyright Other Image copyright other The question that attracted the most comments was about a girl called Hannah taking a sweet from a bag at random, and the students were asked to prove the equation: GCSE results day History Which of the following was the more important reason why white Americans travelled across the Great Plains in the s and s: Recommend the best method of increasing the motivation of the workers.

Some of the students are also about to sit an Edexcel statistics paper and they took to Twitter again later to speculate on whether it would prove as challenging. By the afternoon the topic was trending on Twitter and online petitions were set up calling on the board to lower the grade boundaries when marking.May 09,  · B questions generally need two explained points of the same opinion C question need four explained points showing signs of knowledge (Opinions not neccessary) D questions usually need two different opinions, one supporting your idea, the other with "why someone may disagree with you" Try to include a total of 3.

Includes the following topics with responses from a Christian viewpoint Environment and medical ethics Crime and punishment Peace and Conflict Rights and Responsibilities. GCSE Revision Quizzes for Religious Studies. Jim Riley 18 th April We've put together a collection of over revision questions for GCSE Religious Studies which you can attempt by following the topic links below.

GCSE Revision Quizzes - Worship. 17 th April Justice. 27 th January Teach the WJEC GCSE Religious Studies qualification, specification, book training and view past papers and other resources available for teachers and students.

Addysgwch cymhwyster Astudiaethau Crefyddol TGAU CBAC, manyleb, hyfforddiant, cyn-bapurau ac adnoddau eraill sydd ar gael i athrawon a myfyrwyr.

Why switch to Eduqas for GCSE RS? Lynda Maddock, GCSE Subject officer, provides an overview of both the Route A and Route B specifications and explains why you should switch to Eduqas. Compare and contrast our GCSE Specification with the other major examination boards and find out why Eduqas is the best choice for your student.

GCSE content from BBC Bitesize for students in England, Northern Ireland or Wales. Choose the exam specification that matches the one you study.

Re gcse exam questions
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