Practicum program evaluation

Availability of practicum benefits such as transportation allowance, meal allowance, etc. Work with others effectively a. Learn to dress in proper business attire d. Availability of the practicum supervisor for supervision and performance evaluation 6.

Kindly rate each item by placing a cross X on the box that corresponds to the item.

Practicum Program Evaluation Essay Sample

Thank you very much for your time and support for the practicum program. Learn the actual job-application process b. Understand the proper way of communications b. More essays like this: Evaluate the performance of the students in consultation with the practicum site supervisor.

Possible employment and career opportunities. Learn how to pass job-application exams 2. Be useful and active player of the company and acquire actual experience in computer science applications a. Establish good communications and relations between practicum supervisor and practicum coordinator.

This form has been developed to evaluate the effectiveness of the Practicum program by identifying its strengths and weaknesses and soliciting suggestions for improvements. Create and maintain an electronic group or e-mail and other communication means to maximize the use of the information and communication technology for posting announcements, updates and communications to the students and the practicum site supervisors.

Capacity to provide substantive learning experiences in information and communication technology ICT. Learn to prepare for a successful job interview e.

Evaluation Practicum

Monitor the activities of the students through visits and consultation with the practicum site supervisor and conduct regular meetings for feedbacks, sharing or experience and discussion of the other important topics. Learn to prepare effective resume c. Serve as a liaison and resource person both for the students and the practicum site supervisor in assisting students and monitoring their performance.

Orient the student on the nature and objectives of the practicum, accredited practicum sites and some other important topics such as company policies and regulations, preparation for an interview, proper dress code and behavior. Know the common workplace issues and concerns d.

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Evaluation Practicum Preparation

Share effectively the experiences both positive and negative to the practicum class. Communicate and propose properly and effectively the proposal to the right person 4. Assist the students in their practicum application and provide the necessary practicum documents.

Market oneself effectively a.Links to evaluation forms for field instructors and students in BSW, Generalist, and Clinical practicum placements. PRACTICUM EVALUATION GUIDELINES COMMUNITY SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY MASTER’S PROGRAM Evaluations of the Practicum experience are used in assessing student progress in the Practicum Seminar and, thus, are part of satisfactory completion of the Master’s degree.

This evaluation has. 3 Quality of Field Instruction and Supervision Please circle the answer that most closely reflects your experience in this practicum placement.

Program Evaluation Practicum is a two-semester supervised practical application course in which students work alongside evaluation practitioners in a professional evaluation setting to gain first-hand understanding of how to apply the theory, methods, and skills learned in prior classes.

This course provides students with the opportunity to further develop their evaluation. To fulfill the requirements for the MA degree in Program Evaluation, students must complete 12 credit hours of practicum (PSY ) over the course of two semesters. Practicum involves working alongside evaluation practitioners in a professional evaluation setting, applying the theory, methods, and practice skills learned in the classroom.

This course prepares students for the practicum. Practicum Program Evaluation Essay Sample. TO THE RATER: This form has been developed to evaluate the effectiveness of the Practicum program by identifying its strengths and weaknesses and soliciting suggestions for improvements.

Practicum program evaluation
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