Personal and professional healthcare communication paper essay

Destructive norms however slow down communication and the achievement of group objectives and should be keenly sieved out. Poor Decision-Making With poor or ineffective communication can lead to poor decision-making.

Thus the diagnosis would be a result of this kind of process. Health communication encompasses the study and use of communication strategies to inform and influence individual and community decisions that enhance health.

Health Communication Health communication is a multidimensional process and includes aspects from both the sender and the receiver of the message. Effective professional health care communication leads to desirable outcomes of patient care. Health communication is a great determinant of patient care outcomes.

It links the areas of communication and health and is increasingly recognized as a necessary element of efforts to improve personal and public health. Understanding communication barriers in the relationship e.

This may result from misdiagnoses and problems in treatment that follow lack of or ineffective communication. In opposition, absent or missing communication among health care professionals has been shown to have serious adverse impact on patient care. There are various factors that may affect personal care, such as personal characteristics, past experiences, attitudes, values, and biases.

As you progress in your career you will notice that you are utilizing each of these roles. There are behaviors that show what a person thinks or feels is also communication. Personal information is based on disclosures that are made. Relevancy of effective professional healthcare communication to health outcomes There is a great connection between the patient perceptions and reaction to the information that is obtained, and it can be shown that Patient -- professional communication can be very effective if done properly in the case of chronic illness.

To establish a therapeutic relationship, you need to understand and apply the concepts of respect, caring, empowerment, trust, empathy, and mutuality, as well as confidentiality and veracity.

Personal and Professional Healthcare Communication Paper Essay Sample

Theorists and Theories It is important to know our nursing history and the theorists who shaped our profession, so we can find pieces that we can identify with and use them as a guide in your practice. Along with that the professional has also the duty to see that the communication between their system and the patient is kept at peek levels.

By using the nurse as the mode to help the patient heal and overcome illness or negative patterns of behavior.

As a way of avoiding malpractices, there should be clear communication whether in writing or verbal to the team members so that the next professional knows where to begin working from. Your specific job function as a nurse will require different levels of each nursing role and responsibilities.

Not all inaccuracies are preventable but when healthcare workers make communication and documentation a priority and provide accurate information mistakes can be avoided.

Personal and Professional Healthcare Communication Paper

Lastly interpretation may be the way the information is processed. Human communication processes are important and similar in all human interactions and the method is same for health communications.

This way, the patients will be receptive and compliant to the treatment regim. This works towards the effectiveness of the individual preventative groups. Professional Communication Skills for Nurses 6th Ed. Health care communication is also the effective line of communication between medical professional, the patients and clients.

Thus not only patients and medical personnel but these actors along with a host of others like insurance, and competing healthcare organizations. In the past, failure to communicate effectively has resulted in law suits in which the health providers have been accused of negligence due to bad outcomes Servellen, Relevance of Effective Personal Healthcare Communication with Other Health Care Professional, Clients or Patients Effective e communication provides the leverage on which diagnosis and consequent treatment is offered.Personal and Professional Health Care Communication Essay Words | 5 Pages Personal and Professional Health Care Communication Health care communication is the process of sharing health related information with health care professionals, and people seeking care within a medical facility.

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Personal and Professional Health Care Communication Paper HCS/ Health Care Communication University of Phoenix Personal & Professional Healthcare Communication Paper Professional and effective communication is a vital ingredient to safe and high quality nursing practice.

Buy Personal and Professional Healthcare Communication essay paper online Health care communication is the degree to which individuals have the capacity to obtain, process and translate the health information needed to make appropriate decisions in the health sector according to Bryan ().

Personal and Professional Healthcare Communication Paper Whether talking to patients and family members, speaking in a team meeting, or talking with our children’s teacher at a conference, communication is how we learn information, teach information and express our concerns.

Personal and professional communication. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: The use of an interdisciplinary approach can enrich students and health-care team members learning through exposure to a number of different perspectives (Gelmon, ).

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Personal and professional healthcare communication paper essay
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