Performance of education graduates in the licensure examination for teachers

They were all first timers in taking the LET. Documents like minutes of the meetings, press releases, program proposals, application forms, and summaries, organizational or institutional reports, survey data, and various public records can be used as source of data.

A closer look at LET will show that it is composed of three parts: Specifically this answered the following questions: This study looked into the performance of BSEd graduates of compared to the national performance. The national performance is below the fifty percent passing rate. Findings revealed that LET performance of the LDCU graduates for the last four years was low for general education, moderate for major subjects and high for professional education.

This study aims to look at the performance of the Bachelor of Secondary Education graduates of Bulacan State University BulSU in relation to the national performance, and the performance in the three components of the LET. Corbin and Strauss described document analysis as a systematic procedure for reviewing or evaluating documents both printed and electronic material.

The results of the study showed that: It is at this stage where the researcher focused this study. The paradigm of the study Methodology This study used the documentary analysis as a qualitative research method. Since the study involves describing the LET performance and correlating it with GWA and pre-board performance, descriptive-correlation method of research was employed in this study.

The government is continuously checking the quality of graduates through these licensure examinations. This shows that there is a need to examine the performance of the teacher education institutions for most are not producing quality graduates who will teach the youth of the country.

The statistical treatment and Computations of the mean, frequency, correlation and regression were done using the SPSS.

The respondents of the study were the graduates of March, and Keywords General education subjects, professional education subjects, major courses. Possible interventions were suggested to further improve the LET preparation and performance of the students and graduates.

Just like architecture, engineering, medicine, nursing no graduates of such courses will be allowed legally to practice the course unless they pass the board examination.

Document analysis requires that data be examined and interpreted in order to elicit meaning, gain understanding, and develop empirical knowledge.Licensure examination for Teachers (LET) is used to check the quality of the graduates of Teacher Education Institutions (TEIs) in the country.

Professionalization of teachers through the Philippine Regulations Commission (PRC) is supported. the education graduates performance in the licensure examination.

KEY WORDS: Board examination, education graduates, predictors, descriptive correlation, Don Honorio Ventura Technological State University, College. Considering the profile of the education graduates and their performance in the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET), this research examined the areas of strength and weakness of the education programs and determined the viability of the school to qualify as a Center of Development (COD) in Teacher.

Performance on the Licensure Exam for Teachers among Liceo de Cagayan University Education Graduates Liceo de Cagayan University started its BSE and BEED offerings during the first semester of the school year Keywords: Performance, Variates, Graduates, Teacher Education, Licensure Examination.

I. INTRODUCTION The success of tertiary teacher education students in the Licensure Examination is a concrete evidence of the quality of. performance of DMMMSU-NLUC graduates in the Licensure Examination for Teachers and the characteristics of the graduates in terms of graduate-related such as gender type of high school graduated from CAT performance academic.

Performance of education graduates in the licensure examination for teachers
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