Orchids by hazel simmons mcdonald

As she was prepared herself to leave she admired their resilience to its environmentwhich was when she plucked their bloom, and pressed them between pages of memory possibly in the hope of understanding the lessons that can be drawn from her orchids someday.

Would you like to merge this question into it? Orchid flowers are adapted for survival in different growingconditions and in the presence of different pollinators. What is an Orchid? Each poem being compared uses literary devices to show how they admire the flowers in the poems presented.

He admires the fact that, even though the flowers are made of immense beauty, they still know that they are all equal, and that they will soon die and go back into the earth, where it, and all the other flowers have come from.

This leads to their admiration for the flowers, and why that is. The author is so "unbothered"and sure that like her five week relationship the orchids would wither and become but a faint memory to be tossed out with the five week litter. The way in which the persona in both poems deal with the situation they face, in a way, is by preserving them, whether their legacy, or the flowers.

Most orchids can be grow in pots with a bark or coconut fibre media, but some orchids are epiphytes and need to be mounted on a piece of cork or tree branches. Wait till your plant forms seed pods. How do you reproduce orchids from your orchid plant?

The speaker goes on to discuss the hidden beauty in both, preserving and savouring the petals of the flower, comparing them to peculiar poetry yet to be appreciated.

How do you plant orchids?

What are the adaptations of an orchid? How do orchids grow? I watered them once when the blossoms were full blown like polished poems. REVIEW The Poem titled Orchids composed by Hazel Simmons McDonald, focuses on the authors contemplation on a brief five weeks life on a single orchid plant and although the orchids had very little value to the author, The orchid is the symbol of her reaction to brief five week life.

She also admired how resilient the flowers were, how they could still grow in such harsh and abusive conditions. What is a orchid adaptation? To retain moisture sphagnum moss is usually addes. In this poem, the persona realizes and learns from the flowers, that it is best to obey the timing of Mother Nature, it is best not to fight death, but to accept it.

Purple is the colour of royalty.

By running from his past in order to avoid the present the persona hinders his future prospects. Told through the eyes of their black nurse Lally.

Also the writer admires that, even after death, flowers can be used to sweeten the air, as seen with perfumes. As stated before, both poems focus on the admiration of a characteristic of a flower. In the latter, the speaker admires the humble, gallant and altogether well lived life of the flowers they speak of.

The Tropical regions are home to many species, but their extent ranges from one sub-polar extreme to the other, including northern Canada, Greenland, and well south in S America. The second poem, "Orchids", the poet uses the orchids as a metaphor for poems.Orchids 1.

Orchids HAZEL SIMMONS-MCDONALD 2. HOMEWORK REVIEW What are the major uses of Orchids? Based on the title, what do you think this poem is about? poems ‘A Contemplation Upon Flowers’, written by Henry King, and ‘Orchids’ written by Hazel Simmons- McDonald. It can be seen that admiration was given to the flowers for their acceptance of death, and for.

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What is the poem orchids by hazel simmons about? Where can you find the poem Orchids by Hazel simmons-McDonald? a world of poetry for cxc edited by mark mcwatt and hazel simmons mcdonald.

Hazel Simmons-McDonald is the author of Writing in English ( avg rating, 5 ratings, 0 reviews, published ), Eploring the Boundaries of Caribbean /5(40). The orchid is a flower of magnificence that brings a universal message of love, beauty, wisdom, thoughtfulness, luxury, strength, refinement, affection, new growth and development.

“This elegant flower should make you feel pampered.

Orchids by hazel simmons mcdonald
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