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The time clock has stopped moving A: With the power off at the breaker box, and checked with n electric meter, the wires can be removed, 2-in, 2-out, and the ground wire.

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Not only does he maintain our pool, but he also does repairs and replacement of parts as needed. Pop-in a new timer mechanism, and replace the wires to the previous configuration. He is highly accomplished in his line of work and prides himself on his knowledge of various types of equipment and water chemistry.

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My time pointer is loose A: He is there every Tuesday morning. We have invested our time to continuously update and refresh our knowledge of pool operating systems and water chemistry. This will disengage the dial and allow you to spin it in either direction.

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You may need to use small pliers to tighten timer dogs onto the dial. My time clock manual lever is hard to flip A: He has been in the pool industry since and has owned his own company since They are attracted to the electricity. It can actually take less than 5 minutes. Relasing the dial, you should feel the gears engage slightly, so that the dial is fully seated.

They have the knowledge and have taken care of my pool as if it were theirs. With a small flashlight, look into the Visual Motor Check window, near the top of the timer mechanism.

The workhorse of the equipment pad, these timer clocks can outlast some of the equipment that they power - but eventually, the workhorse will tire, and need to be retired to pasture - or maybe you can fix it!

My time clock has an ant infestation!

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I am truly pleased with his knowledge and professionalism. Contact About Us We understand the investment you have made in your backyard oasis.

Grasp the dial, pull out and turn it to the correcf time. There is a small spring behind the screw that may have rusted or broken. You can spray WD behind the dial, on the lever and on the motor gears to lubricate. If no movement still, the next step would be have a qualified person check the wires coming into the timeclock, to see if power is reaching the time clock from the breaker.

But then again, intermatic timer motors can be half the cost of a new mechanism, depending on the model. Our pool is controlled by IntelliTouch software and requires specific knowledge on how to maintain it. Is My timer clock Dead?Sep 16,  · Well I crossed my old man back in Oregon Don't take me alive Got a case of dynamite I could hold out here all night Yes I crossed my old man back in Oregon Don't take me alive.

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the Pool Keeper, (Employee: Mangeot, Jon M) holds a Registered Pool/Spa Contractor license according to the Florida license board. Their BuildZoom score of 90 indicates that they are licensed or registered but we do not have additional information about them.


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My pool keeper
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