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The fact that the author uses this same style to indicate his internal thoughts, often interspersed between direct dialogue from himself and others, gives the book a unique and sometimes confusing writing style, purportedly reflecting the nature of his experience in the treatment center.

In the cafeteria, Lilly slides James a scrap of paper, which tells him to meet her in the clearing outside of the clinic. This also seems to be more of a persona played out by the main character as apposed to an actual depiction of Frey himself. Although many of the people he meets in rehab relapse and ultimately die, James chooses to be a better person, learning through all his experiences.

As they become enrolled in the family program at the rehab center, James is forced to open up to them and try to repair their relationship.

A Million Little Pieces

When James first arrives in rehab, he is put on these detoxifying drugs, as they start to wear off he starts to feel the effects of the damage he has done to himself. It begins with him in dire straights. As James becomes more comfortable with people he forms other relationships with counselors and patients.

He relies only on his inner strength, not replacing his addiction with another, knowledge that there will be pain but he can overcome it and that he has a support system of friends and family who love him to be successful in remission.

It stops and all that exists for me is you and my eyes staring at you. When James first starts rehab he is angry at everything and determined not to make friends with anyone there. To fix his broken teeth, James submits himself to a horrific double root canal without Novocain.

He claims to be addicted to practically every drug, on top of his addiction to alcohol; he claims to have an extensive criminal record, which makes it very clear to the reader that he was a self destructive youth. While many people are happy being ignorant to their problems, James faces his addiction head on, by himself.

Although he does not want to be alone his life is mistake after mistake distancing him from any type of normal relationship he could have established. In order to get forgiveness for all the years of destruction he comforts his parents letting them know they are not to blame for any of his actions.

The last way James improves himself is by letting love into his life again, opening himself to other people, one in particular. He hugs me back strong and I can feel the shame coming through his arms.

He eventually uses this new self perception for the purpose of his own rehabilitation. A notable feature of Pieces is its lack of quotation marks to indicate direct quotes or dialogue.

Frey sums up his entire life in one sentence from p. All in all, James ends up finding his salvation and remains sober in the bookdoing his time in jail and going on to live a normal life. According to the source at the company, there had been some disagreement among editors at the publishing house about Mr.

Once he comes to this conclusion, things begin to change for James. James becomes very angry over this idea because he knows anyone with an addition has made their own choice to do drugs and should take responsibility for it.

Not only does James improve by becoming sober, he becomes a completely different person. In the end, Oprah Winfrey had to defend her own ethical standards of truth on her television program, which was courageous of her.

He copes with the pain by squeezing tennis balls until his nails crack when challenged on this specific incident during his second Oprah appearance, Frey said that it may have been "more than one" root canal procedure and may or may not have included Novocaineas he remembers it.

They released a statement noting, "When the Smoking Gun report appeared, our first response, given that we were still learning the facts of the matter, was to support our author. Instead, a new line is started each time someone speaks.A short summary of James Frey's A Million Little Pieces.

This free synopsis covers all the crucial plot points of A Million Little Pieces. Suggested Essay Topics; A Million Little Pieces opens with the narrator, James, waking up on an airplane with no idea where he is going.

He has a hole in his cheek, four broken teeth, and a broken. a Million Little Pieces Analysis Analysis Essay In the book A Million Little Pieces, James Frey writes an autobiography of his time spent in a rehabilitation clinic after being found on a plane.

In the memoir A Million Little Pieces the writer and main character, James Frey, leads a drug addicted life that he turns around in a Minnesota rehab center, demonstrating that self-improvement is the way to salvation. This proves to be a main theme in this work, all throughout showing how he goes from barely functioning to a person full of.

A Million Little Pieces Essay Sample

Read this Literature Essay and over 88, other research documents. A Million Little Pieces. A Million Little Pieces, by James Frey, is an autobiography. James wakes up on a plane one morning, not aware /5(1). Analysis Essay In the book A Million Little Pieces, James Frey writes an autobiography of his time spent in a rehabilitation clinic after being found on a.

A Million Little Pieces by James Frey Essay - I identify with; Lilly she’s kind hearted and listens, she has troubles in her life but knows how to keep them together for the most part. She helped James out a lot through out this story of his life.

James frey a million little pieces essay
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