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People these days often have little choice but to depend on fast food or ready meals that are high in sugar, salt and fat due to the pressures of work. Children are also becoming less healthy.

441 Words Essay on the importance of A Healthy Diet

Despite these arguments, there is also a case for advocating the intervention of the state. Some governments also spend huge amounts of tax Essay on healthy lifestyle diet on treating health problems of their citizens in hospitals.

In this case, these are: Some people believe that it is the responsibility of individuals to take care of their own health and diet. Having considered both sides of the issue, I would argue that although individuals must take ultimate responsibility for what they eat, governments also have a role to play as only they can regulate the food supply, which openly encourages a poor diet.

Avoidance of saturated fat. Sufficient essential amino acids to provide cellular replenishment and transport proteins; essential micronutrients such as vitamins and certain minerals. Discuss both views and give your opinion. The ingredient usually cited as being most crucial to good health, water, has even been known to result in death when consumed in extraordinary quantities.

Diet and Health Essay This model diet and health essay examines the extent to which individuals or governments should be responsible for health.

Avoiding directly poisonous and carcinogenic substances; avoiding foods contaminated by human pathogens; Avoiding chronic high doses of certain foods that are benign or beneficial in small or occasional doses, such as foods or substances with directly toxic properties at high chronic doses 1 Foods that may interfere at high doses with other body processes 2 Foods that may burden or exhaust normal functions Some foods have low nutritional value, and if consumed on a regular basis will contribute to the decline of human health.

Governments should make sure that their citizens have a healthy diet. Usually this involves consuming necessary nutrients by eating the appropriate amounts from all of the food groups, including an adequate amount of water. Diet and Health Essay Model Answer An increasing concern for many governments around the world is the declining health of their citizens due to a poor diet.

Governments could regulate the ingredients of such food. From a Psychological perspective, a new healthy diet may be difficult to achieve for a person with poor eating habits. However, their parents are the ones who provide their evening meals so it is their responsibility to ensure these meals are nutritious and encourage them to avoid junk food and sugary snacks during the day.

There is no doubt that individuals must take some responsibility for their diet and health. It would be logical to spend this on preventative measures such as campaigns to encourage exercise and a good diet.

You must of course also give your opinion. So eat healthy and live healthy. Others however believe that governments should make sure that their citizens have a healthy diet. When improperly cut or prepared, a small number of foods such as fugue can result in death.

Write at least words. The argument to support this is the fact that adults have free will and make their own choices about what they eat and the exercise that they do. It may be easier for such Person to transition to a healthy diet if treats such as chocolate are allowed; sweets may act as mood stabilizers, which could help reinforce correct nutrient intake.

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own experience or knowledge.

While some people believe governments should be responsible for improving the health of their nation, others believe it is up to the individual. Maintaining a healthy diet is the practice of making choices about what to eat with the intent of improving or maintaining good health.

Write about the following topic: This may be due to tastes acquired in early adolescence and Preferences for fatty foods.

This essay asks you to examine both sides of an issue and to give your opinion. Avoidance of Trans fat. This essay will examine both sides of the argument. It is the responsibility of individuals to take care of their own health and diet.

This means that you must look at both the arguments that are presented. This has been demonstrated by various epidemiological studies that have determined that foods such as processed and fast foods are linked to diabetes and various heart problems.

Maintenance of a good ratio between carbohydrates and lipids, four grams of the first for one gram of the second. IELTS essays are usually about current topics of controversy, and the declining health of many nations is certainly of concern to many countries at the present time.Healthy Lifestyle Essay Topics Nutrition and Healthy Eating - Words Introduction In the UK healthy eating has a major impact on people concerning their health in that 1 per cent in 10 per cent of the adults and more than 1per cent in 10 per cent of children aged 2 to 10 are now classed as obese.

Living a healthy lifestyle is a melting pot of several factors. One is not able to live a healthy lifestyle without a solid diet and workout foundation. The harmful side effects of processed food, drugs, alcohol, and sleep deprivation trump one’s life while mental and emotional stability aids in a.

to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle Rebekah Davis, Tori Fleming, Fallon Schwab-Davis, Justin Hideg, Shawna Hunter Group Communication The problem with maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not having the right resources and or. The Importance of Exercise and Eating Healthy Essay; Healthy Eating Habits and Lifestyle Words | 8 Pages.

Healthy Eating Habits and Lifestyles Laney Brown COM/ Elements of University Composition and Communication II 26 October Cindy Cunningham In today’s American society, many individuals have developed unhealthy. Being healthy means eating right and exercising.

To keep a healthy balance diet a person should try to eat daily at least a portion of the six major food groups, and exercise at least three times a week to keep the body fit and reduce the chances of poor health. A wholesome diet and lifestyle can help a person live a long healthy life.

Living a healthy lifestyle is not a diet or some ridiculous weight loss challenge. A healthy lifestyle is about moderation, balance and simple substitutions. [tags: Healthy Lifestyle Essays].

Essay on healthy lifestyle diet
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