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Essay on E-Learning: Meaning, Uses and Advantages

In line with this, the research points out to the little opportunity that the learner has to interact with the instructor and each other in order to Essay e learning deutsch knowledge altogether.

Needless to say, the impacts of e-learning are numerous of which they involve both positive and negative. This has been done by measuring the differences in student performance at the introduction of e-learning and the ones who have learnt through classroom instruction with a face to face interaction with the instructor.

Research Questions It is important at this point to bring into view some of research questions that need to be addressed in order for the proposed research project on e-Learning and its impact in education.

In this connection, the knowledge is gained with orientation to individual experience, knowledge and the practice of the learner to be defined. So to speak, there are many impacts which range from economical to social as e-learning gives access to learning by people who would have otherwise failed to afford due to their geographical location Malone, More to this point, more expenditure by the higher education institutions like the universities will be realized along with higher performance due to e-learning.

So to articulate, the impact of e-learning on education can equally be established by issuing the question in the questionnaires to the lecturers and the higher education staff members seeking to know their opinion on e-learning and ways through which it has impacted them.

In the same line of thought, research has cited that e-Learning may not win acceptance by many since much time is required to develop the bespoke e-Learning programs.

Some people feel intimidated by presence of peers during the learning process. Finally it must be noted that while e-learning systems have many advantages, it has the disadvantage of not having an instructor to personally be present to facilitate the learning.

This is a good way to measure the impact of e-learning on education depending on the performance of the products of e-learning. Even though, there is a lot that e-learning has contributed to education in particular, the negative impacts so far realized cannot be underrated.

In the past, measuring the impact of e-learning on education by other researchers has so much focused on the grades.

This means stating both negative and positive effects of e-learning on the education. Analysis will then be done to see the difference and further expose factors that may contribute to success or failure of e-learning to impact education.

Moreover, the aspect of convenience and flexibility especially to the learners would be another thing leading to large masses of learned people as nowadays each and everyone has access to education at his or her convenience Malone, E-learning obviates this issue.

This will be accomplished by carefully analyzing the outcomes of learning. Particularly, the positive impacts of e-learning in education will be brought out along with negative impact.

These systems are becoming increasingly popular in the corporate world today. Let us discuss some examples of e-learning. Therefore, such a case ensures that quality education is accessible internationally. Accordingly, e-learning is expected to have increased access to exceptional knowledge from experts.

Another thing that will be taken into account in this context is the examination of universities and colleges which are higher learning institutions. Questionnaires may be designed to be issued to the staff or students on how much they use the e-learning and the efforts they have been doing to achieve it.

As such, such learning involves computer and network enabled transference of skills and practice to be precise. At the same time, Darbyshire argues that there is the problem of all the courses failing to translate successfully to an e-Learning format. With full high-definition technology available in advanced telepresence systems compared to traditional video conferencing systemsone can interact with global experts thousands of miles away with an experience that mimics being co-located.

In fact, E-leaning has transformed education leading to great evolutions which cannot be understated. Nevertheless, the proposed research project will measure the job performance of those individuals who have used e-learning blended with classroom instruction comparing it with those who are professionals as a result of pure e-learning and distance learners.

It is enhanced through the use of audio, video, and graphics and imaging aids.

Therefore, the proposed research project is meant to explore as well as expose the impacts of E-learning. Accordingly, e-learning being more suitable to IT and knowledge based subjects is limited and in this case learners acquire limited knowledge and skills. This is because it leads to savings in terms of travel, time and distribution of content, etc.

It is possible to easily access the best global experts through the electronic medium. Needless to say, extensive use of diverse sources as it will later be cited at the end of the paper in references page will be made use of to explore the impacts of e-learning on education just as stipulated by the past written researches.The Introduction To E Learning Education Essay.

Essay E-Learning - Deutsch Essay

E-learning (or Distance Education) is a recognized educational practice that supports a flexible model of access to knowledge, enabling education and training numerically larger audience than what is traditional education models can effectively support (Som Naidu, ).

Advantages & Disadvantages of e-Learning E-learning is a broad term that generally refers to any kind of learning done with a computer and Internet connection or CD-ROM. Essay E-Learning - Deutsch Essay Seit den 80er Jahren erfuhr das Konzept des E-Learnings einen regelrechten boom.

Für viele war diese Methode ein neuartiger Schritt für einen effektiveren und unterhaltsameren Lernprozess. Doch hat sich diese. Learning Is A Continuous Process Education Essay. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: An analysis of e-learning initiatives of Colleges of Technology shows that majority of the staff members here use prepared study material and starting and maintaining discussion forum in websites.

Some of the staff also uses power point presentations for. E-Learning Students Education Abstract: With the enormous spreading of e-learning over the last 15 years, quality of e-learning has been oft.

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Essay e learning deutsch
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