Difference between julius caesar and alexander the great essay

The members of the first triumvirate had taken control of the various portions of the state. This is a major difference between him and Julius Caesar who would be seen to extend his influence and power to his subjects using all manner of machinizations Woolf Greg, He won the first elections in his political career at the early forties.

His greatest faults may have been his overdeveloped ego, a sense of megalomania and a penchant for alcohol. Caesar fought battles in distant Britain, while Alexander travelled all the way to the gates of India.

As some historians and philosophers say, he was focusing on winning their hearts rather than to over power them, and winning them he did.

His first mission was to crush it, this he did by forming an alliance with the most influential personalities in the land. Civil War and the Emergence of the Roman Empire.

This is unlike Julius Caesar whose intent and purpose was to amass power and control Rome. Life of a Colossus. People would become fearful of his immense powers and this would lead to great animosity within his own rank and file and finally to his assassination Goldsworthy, Adrian, This is further seen in his personal choices of the family he married into or to those he gave his hand to.

He was rather forceful in his pronouncements and legislations in his bid to distribute the vast tracts of land to the needy, he went further as to intimidate the opponents through the use of military if need arose.

He would punish those that mistreated his subjects but reward accordingly; those that he thought were fairly mistreating the people.

He seemed to be continually pushing himself, which may explain how Alexander did so much in his short life, dying from sickness at the age of 32 in Persia.

His father family was a Greek leader who had made huge contributions in uniting the Greek cities and regions into a nation. The senate under the Roman law was supposed to be a legislative body and hence one of the most important constitutions of governance, having a final say on important issues.

This is in a sharp contrast to Alexander the great who was more of a philanthropist wishing to spread civilization far across the land with no intention to lord his influence over the subject. He was misusing his powers in eliminating his enemies.

Difference Between Julius Caesar and Alexander the Great Essay Sample

Julius was so cunning and after the amassment of power and wealth. A look at both Julius and Alexander the Great reveals great differences between the two. His exploits in warfare and military conquests are legendary although he had at first concentrated in pursuing political endeavors Thomas, Carol G, Hellenic communication service, L.

He urged for unity and brotherhood driven by the pursuit of the same culture without necessarily lording it over the people he conquered. Rather than setting up dictatorial and autocratic regimes on those that the defeated, he sought to incorporate and integrate them into his rule.

He believed in the unity of the people and legitimacy of a leadership or king as emanating from a good relationship one holds with the subjects. In comparing these men from antiquity we can see they were both excellent military commanders who defeated armies several times the size of their own forces.Julius Caesar v.s Alexander the Great Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar were some of the greatest rulers that have ever lived.

Each of which had values that ultimately ended up ending both of their lives. As a reader of Shakespeare's The Life and Death of Julius Caesar and Plutarch's Lives of the Noble Grecians and Romans, one would be surprised to learn of the many significant and interesting differences that occur between.

Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar set the standard of what a leader should be. However, despite the two leader’s great accomplishments, Alexander the Great is a better leader.

Julius Caesar fit the components of being a good leader: an ability to make a good appearance, and an ability to speak well at public gatherings. [tags: Alexander the Great Essays] Better Essays words (2 pages) Alexander The Great Essay - Alexander the Great On July twentieth, B.C.

Alexander the Great was born. His Father was Philip, the King of Macedonia. - Alexander the Great and Augustus Caesar have proven to be two of the worlds best leaders. These men were. Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar set the standard of what a leader should be.

Their conquest, expanded their beliefs to others and equally important their culture. Alexander the Great defeated the Persians proving his remarkable military mind and ability.3/5(4). The Lives of Julius Caesar and President Abraham Lincolon The lives of Julius Caesar and President Abraham mi-centre.com many unique difference and similarities.

The similarities between Julius Caesar and President Abraham Lincoln are compared by their life history.

The individuals were once leaders in the past. Now people look up to them .

Difference between julius caesar and alexander the great essay
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